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Control Valves

Novo NSF Certified control valves meet or exceed the most vigorous industry performance and reliability standards. Familiar piston, seal and spacer design has been enhanced to improve performance and product life. The addition of a piston stabilizer reduces the side load force between the piston rod and end plug seal as it firmly glides the piston while it travels up and down. An added rib on the seal improves the sealing pressure so that the valve can withstand over 700psi! These are just a few of the design features that make Novo valves more reliable and better performing.

Novo NSF Certified control valves meet or exceed competitive equivalents in all four key measures: 1) Service Flow Rate, 2) Back Wash Flow Rate, 3) Burst Pressure and 4) Cycle Testing.

The Industries Most Impressive Pressure Tank

The Novo NSF Certified fiberglass reinforced pressure tank is designed to eliminate any potential leaks since there are no welds, joints, or seams in the tank liner. Failures from "cracked collars" are 100% eliminated.

With over 1,000,000 tabks without a failure we know that our tanks perform in the field! Imagine never having to deal with another leaky tank! Tank liners are blow-molded from high quality, high strength engineering materials.

Each tank is wrapped with miles of continuous high strength glass rovings with the most advanced computer aided winding equipment in the world! Novo tanks offer unmatched strength, durability and resistance to temperature and corrosion.

Our tanks are built to surpass all NSF criteria:

Plastic Department

Blow and injection molding machines produce all brine tanks, cabinets, tank jackets, salt grids, brine wells, safety floats, airchecks, bypass and installation accessories in house. We use NSF Certified high-density polythylene for exceptional durability and crack resistance.

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